I am a hospital medic - a consultant paediatrician - working in a teaching hospital in South London, UK. I am on the acute/emergency rota but, most of the time, look after children and young people with eating disorders, diabetes, obesity and hormone/endocrine problems. I am fascinated by the time of life that is being a young person, emerging into adulthood. From a medical services perspective, young people in adolescence often get a raw deal and I want to change that. I am married to the amazing Dr Serena Haywood and live in South London. We have teenage boys and a retired greyhound, Dusty Sampson Rocket. We rescue chickens too. I used to encourage our boys to eat their vegetables a lot when they were littler, and so the name stuck.

I started coding 10 years ago, dabbling around making medical calculators to help me in my day to day job. I have a string of projects on github in android, objective c, swift, ionic, angular, meteor, node and plain old JS. And then I started to go to NHS Hackdays and met other doctors who code and realised that there are lots of us - in fact, I realise now that understanding medicine, clinicians, health systems is more important in health software than the software itself. So my projects have got bigger, moving away from shiny apps towards fixing the infrastructure. It takes a medic to make sure that hospital systems do what medics need of them.